from Gordon "Gungi" Paterson

updated 1.23.07

     After a very happy but short New Years at home Bridget and I traveled to Northern California on the 2nd January 2007 to continue my treatment. We arrived at the clinic and the therapy started immediately, the familiar catheter was inserted in my arm and the 1st IV of the day began to flow into my system.

     The therapy is a continuation and expansion of the treatments in Mexico excluding the radiation. I was given nutritional support therapy, vitamin & mineral therapy, micro dose chemo therapy, chelation therapy, blood and artery cleansing therapy, anti aging therapy (which helps to strengthen the cellular structure), auto immune therapy, immune system support, adrenal system support and systematic cleansing of all the organs and systems of my body including colema's (a gentle form of colonic irrigation), parasite cleansing, lymphatic system cleansing, detox baths and poultices. It has been a lot of work, I'd sit in the clinic for 6 to 9 hours, 5 days a week receiving IV's and shots. Thankfully on my second day there I had a PICC port installed in my arm, this is a line that enters a vein in my upper arm and travels up the arm, across the shoulder and down into the top chamber of my heart, this allows me to have IV's without the need to continually put needles into my veins, its much more convenient and much less painful and can remain in my arm for up to 12 months with proper maintenance.

    I feel so cyborg with a plastic valve coming out of my body!!

    Once again nothing that I have done has made me feel bad, in fact I feel stronger and better everyday. The size of the tumors has continued to reduce over the 2 weeks in California and my neck now almost looks normal, my Adams apple is almost back in the center of my throat again. When we arrived in Mexico we measured my neck using a tape measure to measure the circumference above and below my Adams apple, here are the results......

20th Dec.
25th Dec.
30th Dec.
11th Jan.

     As you can see there has been a significant reduction, I'm so very encouraged by these results and believe that I will regain my whole health and be whole, functional and able to provide for my family once the healing is complete.

    The complimentary approach treats the whole body and not just the symptoms, the principal is to make the body as strong and healthy as possible so that the body can do the bulk of the healing itself after all the body is capable of so much if we just get out of the way and let it do its work. For example instead of just burning the cancer out with high dose radiation my doctors are using low dose radiation to reduce the tumor load which will take some of the strain off my body and allow my immune system to deal with the remaining cancer. My body is strengthened and prepared before the radiation is used and then cleansed after the radiation has been applied, similarly my body is prepared before micro dose chemo therapy is used, the chemo is introduced in a glucose solution so that the cancer sucks it up (cancer grows on sugar) carrying the chemo agents into the tumor where they can be most effective then once again my system is cleansed afterwards to remove the poisons. Once the cancer starts to break down and die the tumors release large quantities of cancer cells, heavy metals and other poisons into the body, the body needs to be healthy, strong, cleansed and ready to pass these poisons through and out of the body quickly to avoid retoxification.

    So the experiment that I am continues and I'm ready to continue the work at home for a while then back to California in mid February. The results so far have been astonishing and I believe that in the end I will hear my allopathic doctors ask “how did you do that?”

    I must add a special thank you for all the support that I've received from my friends, acquaintances and strangers who have sent kind words, prayers and financial aid to me. You are giving me the gift of love and the space and time to heal without the stress of how to support my family and how to pay the high cost of my treatment, none of the these therapies are covered by insurance.

    From the bottom of our hearts my family and I thank you and I continue to hope that I will be able prove that there is a better way to treat this terrible condition. I am happy to share all that I've learned with any of you who are interested.

As fear, no pity only courage and strength.


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